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Five Peaks Challenge


Because she'd just been back to school

Maureen was nobody's fool

She'd learned how to navigate

At which she was really great

Especially in the mists of Carrauntoo'l



More beautiful than her namesake of Arc

Joan strode through the hills, woods and park

The secret of her fitness

To which we were all witness

Was the Guinness she drank after dark



As we walked through his dearest homeland

Noel thought it was really so grand

Shades of green there were plenty

Types of rain there were seventy

The word `soft' is from now onwards banned



Young Les just turned up for the driving

And cooked pasta so we're all surviving

He went round the shops

Then climbed three of the tops

Just in case someone thought he was skiving



As we struggled to plan our campaign

Stuart managed to keep us all sane

He sent email and letter

And, what's even better,

Bought strawberries to eat with champagne



George helped us in all ways he can

He even supplied us the van

He brought scarves for the game

Though we lost, what a shame,

But it didn't diminish that man



Although more mature than the rest

Douglas was brim full of zest

You can't say he raced

But he steadily paced

And he easily finished our quest



He never showed rancour or malice

We're proud to say Davie our pal is

He developed a liking

For climbing and hiking

While not living next door to Alice



I don't know what to say about Jim

Because that is me and not him

Let's just do it again

Don't know where don't know when

And I mean that, it's not just a whim
June 1998
Members and friends of Bo'ness Round Table completed the Britain and Ireland Five Peaks Challenge by climbing the five highest mountains in these countries in five days.

The route took the team through the town of Limerick and that inspired Granpaw to compose a few verses.
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