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Our holidays, such special times for us

Take time, make time to know and time to share

In both our minds are memories of love

The first in Venice still remains so clear.


It doesn’t seem to matter where we choose,

If restful, beach-bum, or if go-man-go,

It’s positive, with not a thing to lose

In planning, while we’re there, and afterglow.


Each place has new adventures and delight,

A favourite from before or newly found.

As we together relish each new sight,

Experience the simple and profound.


Sometimes my travels see me on my own

On business or a boy’s weekend or two.

My marvel at the country and the town,

Would multiply if I could share with you.


But, whether Ireland, Boston, France or Rome,

To countryside or town to see a show.

There comes the time when we return back home.

Bo’ness? No, I’m from Alton, don’t you know?


April 2010
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