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I Said Goodbye Already Before

This story could appear on News at Ten.

It seemed that things had settled down and then,

Just moments since your last farewell,

You went and lobbed another shell.

It’s déjà vu and Groundhog Day again.

No need this time to list what you’ve achieved,

Or illustrate the ways that you’re perceived,

Recalling those remembered days,

Describing accolades and praise,

It’s all been said before, so we’re reprieved.

Events had made it difficult to stay,

And yes, the grass is greener, so they say.

They’ve offered you a better deal,

On this occasion it’s for real.

Your instinct says “let’s go,” and you obey.

You’ve thought it through and now you’re wide awake.

The time is right for you to make this break.

On looking back you’ll see it’s true,

Regrets don’t come from what you do,

But from those chances that you fail to take.

Before you leave to start your next campaign,

We pause to raise a toast with good champagne:

To health and wealth and happiness,

Predictions of career success.

We bid you once again auf wiedersehen.

You’re moving onwards now but, if you will,

Please spare a thought for those who stay here still.

Our problem hasn’t gone away,

We’ll wrestle with it every day,

A vacancy that no-one else can fill.


October 2012
This poem should be read as a sequel to A Vacancy No-one Can Fill. A matter of weeks after leaving then not leaving, my colleague announced she was leaving again. There are references back to the previous work in what turned out to be the actual farewell poem.
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