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Jamie and the Tango

Wee Jamie woke one morning with the lark.

And thought of Jamie monkey in the park,

The first adventure on their own.

Since then, how many had they known?

And now on yet another they’ll embark.


So Jamie gave his monkey friend a call.

“Let’s go and play today without the ball.

Instead we’ll go to London town

To see what might be going down.”

A search that led them to the Wigmore Hall.


Live music made wee Jamie tap his feet,

And Jamie monkey recognised the beat.

“The tango rhythm makes that sound,

In Buenos Aires it was found.

It’s for a dance of passion, fire and heat.”


“They gave us dancing classes at the zoo.

I know the steps - I’ll show you what to do.”

At learning, Jamie’s very quick.

Before long he knew every trick.

They searched for someone they could show it to.


They found themselves at Television Hoose,

So went inside and asked to speak with Bruce.

They said “Can we dance on your show?”

When Bruce Forsyth said “I don’t know,”

Tess Daly answered “Yes, but then vamoose.”


“What music would you like the band to play?”

“Play Libertango in a jazzy way.

That’s Piazzolla’s famous hit.”

Now, they were ready to transmit,

Ten million viewers watched the show that day.


The Jamies danced and spun across the floor,

And each new move was greeted with a roar.

Perfection was the stage to reach,

The judges gave them ten points each.

The audience all stamped and called for more.


Wee Jamie’s mum and dad still didn’t know.

They’d watched X-Factor, not the dancing show.

The Jamies came home very tired,

They had their tea and then retired

To dream their dreams of slow, slow, quick, quick, slow.
October 2010
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