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Jamie in Leith

Wee Jamie was in Bo’ness for the Fair,

With Jamie monkey, they’d been everywhere.

That evening as they brushed their teeth

He thought, “Let’s go exploring Leith,

And we can visit Uncle David there.”


His dad said “Why not walk along the shore?

It’s only twenty miles, or maybe more.”

So Jamie said “We’ve got good boots,

It’s better than the other routes,

And we can telephone if feet get sore.”


For breakfast they went down to Brian’s Caff,

A bacon roll, a coffee and a laugh.

Then set off shoreward, arm in arm,

Across the rail, past Graeme’s farm,

And reached Blackness, a town with no riff raff.


To ‘Ferry Toun and Kidnapped’s old Hawes Inn,

Where Jamie told the monkey, with a grin,

“My family once lived round here,

Old Granpaw came down for a beer

And Nonna drank her tonic laced with gin.”


They passed Dalmeny House, extensive ground,

To Cramond, where no ferry could be found.

The River Almond heaved and tossed,

There was no way it could be crossed.

The Jamies had to walk the long way round.


The two arrived in Leith at half past nine

A long, exhausting walk, but both felt fine.

Said Uncle David over tea,

“I’m glad you’ve come to stay with me,

I bought this flat with Aunty Caroline.”


The next day Uncle David showed them round.

He took them to Tynecastle football ground.

Jam Tarts against Hibernian,

A match they nearly always win,

Except when they come second, it’s been found.


At Murrayfield the Scots were playing Wales,

And Uncle David bought seats at the sales.

Wee Jamie said “Now please don’t laugh.

Who to support? I’m half and half,

I’ll shout for both, they’re all as hard as nails.”


The River Forth at Leith is deep and wide,

Majestic hills of Fife the other side.

As friends gazed out across the drink,

A fishing boat began to sink.

“Please help, please help!” the drowning fishers cried.


The Jamies found a dinghy on the strand.

They climbed aboard and pushed away from land.

They each pulled hard upon an oar,

As steadily they left the shore.

Now help for those poor souls was close at hand.


They helped six sodden sailors climb on deck,

Their fishing boat had now become a wreck.

The final sailor can’t be found,

His friends are scared that he’s been drowned,

But he was still on board, trapped by his neck.


Wee Jamie rowed still closer to the boat.

The fisherman had rope caught round his throat.

So Jamie monkey climbed the mast,

Untied the tangled rope at last,

Pulled him across and wrapped him in a coat.


Another seven lives they’re glad to save.

Each place they visit they do something brave.

Adventures, everywhere it seems,

Keep happening, not simply dreams.

They shout “Goodbye!” and give a cheery wave. 
May 2010
Uncle David's flat in Leith
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