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Jamie in The Night Garden

When day is done and night-time starts to creep,

There’s one appointment Jamie has to keep.

His mummy switches on TV,

He settles down upon her knee,

Night Garden lulls him to his beauty sleep.


How Jamie Monkey laughs at Tombliboos

As they jump up and down like kangaroos.

And when they rest their sleepy heads,

The Jamies go off to their beds

To dream of brave adventures while they snooze.


One night the Jamies sat and watched alone,

While mummy spoke to Nonna on the phone.

Then Upsy Daisy said, “Oh no!

A monster’s turned up on our show.

If we don’t run he’ll chew us like a bone.”


The monster was an ugly, hairy beast

For whom the Garden friends would be a feast.

He found them hiding in a tree,

And planned to eat up two or three,

Or Makka Pakka at the very least.


Both Jamies jumped and shouted, “Don’t you dare!”

The monster turned and saw them standing there.

Two hairy arms reached out and grabbed,

He caught their necks, and they were nabbed.

One pull and they were flying through the air.


The Jamies landed in the Garden now.

He’d got them, but they couldn’t work out how.

Both lying at the monster’s feet,

No chance to beat a smart retreat,

It looked like they were going to be his chow.


The monster lifted Jamie by his shoe

And said, “Today, perhaps I’ll start with you.”

Then, looking strangely quite perplexed,

He picked up Jamie Monkey next.

“But, then again, I fancy monkey stew.”


He opened up his mouth to take a bite,

When suddenly he got a dreadful fright.

A stick had hit him on the knee.

He turned to see what it might be.

And only Igglepiggle was in sight.


Brave Igglepiggle stopped the monster’s fun,

The Jamies were discarded one by one.

Now he became the monster’s prey,

Resistance useless, sad to say.

To rescue him the Jamies had to run.


Beside them Upsy Daisy reappeared,

As once again the monster’s back they neared.

Then Makka Pakka joined the crowd.

The noise they made was really loud,

The Tombliboos all clapped their hands and cheered.


The monster turned to face the friends again.

Though he was big he had a little brain.

He felt confused by all this sound,

And dizzy each time he turned round.

He couldn’t stand the constant mental strain.


Deciding he would do without his snack,

He vowed that he was never coming back.

The friends had really been inspired,

And now were feeling rather tired.

The time had come for them to hit the sack.


The Jamies wondered what they ought to do,

But how to leave, they didn’t have a clue.

Already late and getting dark,

Tomorrow for that question mark,

And so they both lay down to slumber too.


Then mummy switched her phone off with a bleep,

And back towards the sitting room did creep.

She thought it seemed a little strange,

The Jamies quiet for a change,

And found them on the sofa sound asleep.

September 2010
Jamie was a big fan of In The Night Garden and Nonna suggested I should create an adventure for him there.
Upsy Daisy, Igglepiggle, Makka Pakka and the Tombliboos
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