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Jamie in Wales

While mummy cooked spaghetti on the hob,

And, outside, dad was busy with a job,

The Jamies said “We’re bored in here,

We haven’t had a break this year,

Why don’t we visit Nain and Grandad Bob?”


Not being types who like to make a fuss,

His parents said “OK, but not with us.

You’ve been on several trips before,

And we don’t worry any more.

You’ll be alright if you go on the bus.”


Now Nain and Grandad Bob lived far away,

And travelling by bus would take all day.

So they each packed a book to read,

Some games and all the food they’d need.

They climbed aboard and soon got underway.


At first the bus crawled through the London streets,

Accelerating where the M1 meets.

The wheels on the bus went round and round,

The people on the bus went up and down.

The Jamies on the bus went bouncy bounce in their seats.


They looked to see what mum had packed for lunch.

Six lovely ripe bananas in a bunch,

A small pork pie, two apples each,

Some water and a nice sweet peach.

Then suddenly the bus stopped with a crunch.


“Oh no! What happened?” Jamie asked himself,

As cases tumbled from the parcel shelf.

The driver said, “We’ve had a crash,

I’m sorry for the dreadful smash,

It’s cos I had to swerve to miss an elf.”


The bus had got a dent but still could drive.

The passengers were glad to be alive.

The Jamies searched and found the elf.

“You silly thing, you risked yourself,

The road’s unsafe. You’re lucky to survive.”


The elf apologised and wiped a tear.

“I‘m only trying to get back home from here.

I thought that I could hitch a lift,

But everything was far too swift.

What am I going to do? Oh dear, oh dear!”


“Well, come with us, we’ll see what we can do.

Just jump aboard, you’re smaller than my shoe.

So what’s your name, and where’s your home?”

“I’m Megan, from Mount Snowdon’s dome.”

“Well my name’s Jamie, he’s called Jamie too.”


“The Jamies? This must be a dream come true.

My noble master’s name is Jamie too.

He’s Jamie draig, a dragon see?

He’s served by lots of elves like me,

And talks of your adventures all night through.”


“My job in England was to find your trail.

A bad detective, all I did was fail.

I can’t believe it, here you are,

I’ll need to thank my lucky star.

It’s just as well you didn’t go by rail.”


They got to Winsford just in time for tea,

And Nain had baked delicious bara brith.

While Megan told them endless tales,

Of what it’s like to live in Wales,

And Grandad Bob made plans to go and see.


Now Jamie monkey said “I speak Welsh too.

I chose that language option at the zoo.”

When Megan said “Good health and ta!”

He answered “Diolch ac iechyd da!”

And wished Nain “bore da” – good morn to you.


They drove to Wales which wasn’t far away.

The Jamies planned to have a climb that day,

Take Megan home to her domain,

And afterwards they’ll meet again

Down by the sea in sunny Colwyn Bay


Now Megan showed a secret route to climb,

They neared the top in very little time.

They met, when they could go no higher,

A beast with breath of smoke and fire,

A Welsh red dragon, clearly in his prime.


With each wing tip he shook the Jamies’ hands,

“I’m lord and master over all these lands.

I hoped one day that you’d appear

There’s nobody more welcome here,

Your wishes will be taken as commands.”


He proudly showed the Jamies round his lair,

His cavern had been furnished with great care.

With works of art and photographs,

Fine ornaments and wizards’ staffs,

But Jamie wondered why no gold was there.


“Well, contrary to what you might be told,

Most dragons don’t steal other people’s gold.”

“Unless they’re English” Megan laughed,

“It’s just a joke, I’m being daft.”

She worried that she’d been a bit too bold.


Now Jamie draig said “Please accept my thanks

For bringing Megan back into our ranks.”

They shared adventures each had known,

All track was lost, the time had flown,

“You won’t be late, I’ll leap the mountain’s flanks.”


He picked the Jamies up with one claw each.

Then launched into the air and out of reach.

With soaring climb he flew away,

To gently land by Colwyn Bay

Where Nain and Grandad Bob were on the beach.
March 2011
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