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Jamie in Wimbledon

Wee Jamie got an invite, “Come and dine,”

From Uncle Ed and Aunty Caroline.

“And please bring Jamie Monkey too,

But first ask nicely at the zoo.

We’ll have a picnic if the weather’s fine.”


It’s looking lovely as the chums arrive,

His mum said they can stay until it’s five.

They park the car in Wimbledon,

To first play tennis in the sun.

Wee Jamie said, “Just watch my backhand drive.”


To be the first on court the Jamies tear.

But Andy Murray was already there.

“Hello, I’m Jamie - he’s the same.”

Said Andy, “That’s my brother’s name.

Come join us please, there’s plenty room to share.”


The Jamies beat the Murrays six to love.

Then off up to the Common they all drove,

Enjoyed a mammoth picnic spread,

With ev’rything they liked on bread,

And had their nap up in the trees above.


They ran around and played with Jamie’s car,

Then wondered where the other people are.

They asked their uncle and their aunt,

“Can we explore more if we want?”

“All right, stay safe, and don’t go very far.”


Across the empty Common they patrolled.

Sometimes it gets this quiet when it’s cold.

But it was such a lovely day,

No cause for folk to stay away,

A puzzle they intended to unfold.


They set off through the woods and very soon

They heard a weird, unearthly sort of tune.

Inside a clearing free of trees,

They saw two creatures with ten knees.

Oh no! It was some beings from the moon.


The creatures used the strange, hypnotic sound

To draw in all the people from around.

Unless the Jamies fought like braves,

They’d take them to the moon as slaves,

And here on earth they’d nevermore be found.


The tune attracted people to the ship,

Wee Jamie joined the others for the trip.

But Jamie monkey was immune,

From any mesmerising tune.

What could he do? He only had a whip.


He tied one end securely to a tree,

Ensuring he still had sufficient free,

To tie around the spaceship’s foot,

And make sure it was staying put.

No way the creatures with their slaves could flee.


The engine stopped, the creatures looked about.

He found a stick and gave them both a clout.

They said “Is this how they’ll behave?

In that case, we don’t want a slave.

Release the door and let the people out.”


The Jamies ran to Ed and Caroline

Who were relaxing with a glass of wine.

“Thanks Aunt and Uncle for today.

It’s been good fun in every way.”

“We’re glad. You must come back another time.”


May 2010
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