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Jamie - May 2010

Wee Jamie loves to bang his drum

And make an awful noise

Then off he scoots across the floor

To get his other toys


He plays with cars, a bus, a truck

He even makes their sound

He loves the real ones just as much

On Kilburn High Road found


He’s got a cheeky little grin

A gappy, toothy smile

His lungs can let him scream as well

But only for a while


He’s learning how to stand up now

And try a step or so

But still he likes to crawl, it’s just

A faster way to go

He’s just been measured for a kilt

For Caroline and Ed

He’ll be a smart wee Scottish boy

In Mull to see them wed


Vocabulary’s limited

To da da da da da

But still he’s got a lot to say

to Granpaw and Nonna


Samantha, Griff and Jamie make

A lovely family

We love when we’re invited there

For breakfast, lunch or tea
May 2010
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