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From Turkey an outfit they call Roketsan

Contacted QinetiQ to say,

“Please write a proposal as fast as you can

We can’t afford further delay.”


“It’s because of our range, Karapinar it’s called,

Testing rockets and ammo, you see.

All the systems and sensors are terribly old

And we need a new TRCC.”


We replied, “What good luck, and it isn’t so strange,

Our system’s had lots of success.

Developed, to start with, for Aberporth Range,

We’ve got the world’s best TCS.”


“Australia and Norway both love it you know,

They chose it because it’s the best,

And if you decide that’s the way that you’ll go,

You’ll be as advanced as the rest.”


We know our solution is technically sound,

That won’t be a reason it’s lost.

Our prices might not be the cheapest around,

There’s a risk we could lose out on cost.


Now, value for money’s the thing that we sell,

You might pay a little bit more,

But performance and quality top out as well,

Which a customer mustn’t ignore.


We wrote our proposal, we now sit and wait,

The decision’s outwith our control.

Before very long we’ll discover our fate.

Let’s get ready to rock and to roll.


- - - - - - -


But Murat writes to break the news,

Our prices were amiss.

He’s very sad, it’s us he’d choose,

Sweet dreams are made of this.


September 2012
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