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Laura and Derick Tie the Knot

To Broomhill Parish Church last week, we came from far and wide

To witness Derick Morrison take Laura as his bride

Exquisite in her wedding dress, upon her father’s arm

A stylish twenty minutes late and radiating charm


Her father, Neil, showed dignity and led her up the aisle

Unmissable, the love and pride reflected in his smile

Four lovely bridesmaids standing by with flower girls at her side

And Fay, refined and elegant, the mother of the bride


Resplendent in his Highland Dress, a picture of romance

Oor Derick from the Western Isles, an offspring of the Manse

With Roddy, that’s the bridegroom’s dad, the minister today

Two uncles helped to lead the praise, the hymns and what to pray


The ceremony passed so soon, the couple now were wed

As to the bonnie, bonnie banks the guests were asked to head

Champagne reception by the loch at Cammie Hoose Hotel

To celebrate our happiness and wish the couple well


The speeches kept us entertained and Laura played the pipes

We danced a merry jig and reel, there weren’t any gripes

We wished it could go on and on, but good things have to end

A fond farewell to bride and groom, then homeward we did wend


August 2010
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