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Our Anniversary Girl

Our wedding anniversary

In Nineteen Seventy Nine

July the fifth, the perfect gift

Our baby Caroline


Kirkcaldy toon where she was born

Back when we lived in Fife

Then we took her to Germany

For two years of her life


Our memory of Caroline

Is happiness and smile

She's still the same, if she's upset

It's only for a while


She cried when David came along

Distress instead of joy

She thought her mummy would produce

A baby, not a boy


She learned to walk, she learned to talk

And now I must confess

For all our kids we want the best

So we moved to Bo'ness


We sent her to a Public School

For educational care

She learnt her lessons then became

A flower girl at the Fair


In kirk and town hall every year

We watched our daughter's show

With ballet grace, piano and

Eliza's euphonium blow


When swimming with the Beavers' Club

The backstroke and front crawl

She won, while we both sat at home,

A triple medal haul


Then off to university

Old Edinburgh town

For German and Italian

She wore the graduate's gown


She told us we were failures once

Although we were well meant

We taught her lots of other things

But not time management


To London once she'd qualified

To make her living there

A marketeer in publishing

She's well known everywhere


Samantha is her sister big

And David her wee bruv

With Mum and Dad they join us now

In giving all our love


Our Caroline, so beautiful

We sing your praises loud

You make your mother and your dad

So very, very proud


You met your man, you fell in love

And now we've seen you wed

To health and wealth and happiness

To Caroline and Ed
June 2010
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