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Rosie Learning

Rosie’s exploring the world as she goes

From the top of her head to the tips of her toes

She might be a little wee, tiny wee thing

But she’s trying to grow and she’s learning to sing


Most days in her pram she goes down to the beach

“Please show me things mummy, I’m ready to teach.”

“Well, put your head back and look up at the sky,

It’s a beautiful colour, I’ll tell you for why.

Blue light from the sun becomes scattered and spread,

That’s also the reason that sunsets are red.”


They heard some girls laugh as through breakers they ploughed.

“When I learn to run, please will I be allowed?”

“Of course you will Rosie, we’ll all run and splash,

Then, if we get cold, for our towels we can dash.”


“Now sit on the beach and we’ll play in the sand.

That’s right, copy me, and just stretch out your hand.

It runs through your fingers and runs through your toes,

But don’t let it get in your mouth or your nose.”


She hears a dog barking and gets a wee fright.

Her mummy says “Rosie, don’t cry, it’s all right.

The doggy’s just running and playing, that’s all.

It wants you to pick up and throw its red ball.”


But now, getting cloudy, the wind starts to blow,

“Come on,” says her mummy, “let’s pack up and go.”

Tucked up in her pram, the way home is so steep,

Before they’ve climbed half, dear wee Rosie’s asleep.


August 2011
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