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Running for the Bus

Why does it feel as if I’m always running for the bus?

Why can’t I lead a simpler life devoid of all this fuss?

Another meeting looms at work for which I’m unprepared

I should display my confidence, instead I’m slightly scared

My tax return is overdue, I’m certain to be fined

But it depends on documents that sadly I can’t find

The weeds control my flower beds, the grass is inches deep

Around the house the jobs pile up and all I want is sleep

Each night in bed I fret about the things I haven’t done

As deadline after deadline sucks my life of any fun

I mean to be more organised and practise self-control

But good intentions by themselves won’t dig me out this hole

A leopard cannot change its spots, the course is set for us

Somehow I’m destined to be always running for the bus
November 2014

My first published poem!

First prize winner in the January 2015 edition of The Oldie magazine.
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