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The Shop That Isn't There

So many gifts you’re searching for, so many jobs to do,

Without the inspiration or the tools to see you through.

Your kingdom for a thingmajig, you wore the last one out,

They can’t be found and so perhaps you’ll have to go without,

And since you lost your you-know-what, life hasn’t been much fun,

It pains to realise you can’t just buy another one.

Well, here’s some news to cheer you up, an end to your despair,

You’ll find them in the shop that isn’t there.


No matter what you need or want, however big or small,

The merchandise that can’t be found in any shopping mall,

The searches on the internet that give a nil return

In spite of all the precious time and energy you burn,

Whatever you are craving for, to what you most aspire,

Just close your eyes, they’ll come to you, your objects of desire.

All held in stock for you to choose, it matters not how rare,

They’re waiting in the shop that isn’t there.
September 2013
This is another entry to the the Oldie competition, this time for the September 2013 issue. There was a back story, but the instruction was simple - write a poem entitled "The Shop That Isn't There" with a maximum of sixteen lines.
For me the title resonated immediately with The Kilt That Didn't Fit so I decided to use the same general pattern, though the subject matter is quite different.
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