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The Woomera Blues

The milestones are slipping, the profit is dipping

You might think it looks like a mess

Complaints from the Aussies, review by the bosses

The project begins to depress


With enough in each CDRL to build Bath Cathedral

Reviewers began to obsess

Repeated rejection increased the dejection

They liked what they saw less and less


The boss from QinetiQ is unsympathetic

Is this a good time to confess?

The reasons for spending appear never ending

The estimate looks like a guess


Right now it seems risky, you might need a whisky

To handle the pain and distress

It’s hardly surprising the temperature’s rising

On Woomera RCSS


But don’t be downhearted, recovery’s started

The hardware’s on time more or less

With deadlines appearing use sound engineering

And plan so you don’t need to guess


So keep yourself steady and get these things ready

The Timing, AT-TEST, ECS

Avoid any shirking, install, get them working

We’ll toast in champagne your success


October 2010
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