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Thirty Seven Years

Not Silver, not Diamond, not Gold nor Stone,

With no special reason to chime,

It sits there unnoticed all on its own,

Unprepossessing prime.


Within it is something to still make us proud,

A measure of our years.

Marking the furrow together we ploughed,

Our life, our hopes, our fears


If challenged to say would I do it again,

Although I declare you’re quite nice,

Understate for effect, if I have to explain,

You won’t have to ask me twice.


Three children we nurtured are now full grown,

Two lovely girls and a boy.

Continuing blessings with babes of their own,

Sweet grandchildren bringing us joy


We withstood lots of ups and very few downs,

Sometimes we made our own heaven.

And the prospect we face that dispels all my frowns?

Another thirty seven.


July 2012
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