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Voodoo Lament

Flying in the Hebrides is

Really quite a tester.

Weather, radar, staff and launcher

Need a yes from Lester.


First we find the wind is wrong and

Next it is the radar,

After that humidity and

Then the link from Kilda.


If we wait and wait and wait and

Wait a little longer,

Met conditions might improve, but

Then the rain gets stronger.


Constant waiting gets us down and

Fills us all with sorrow.

Won’t this Voodoo ever take off?

Hopefully, tomorrow.


Finally a new day dawns and

When we’re most frustrated

Voodoo launches, flies then plummets.

Was it overrated?


No, but wait, it hasn’t crashed yet,

Watch it soar and climb away.

Speed, endurance, height and turn rate

Tick the SAT test points today.


March 2010
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